“The smart technologies that I see Amplio use give me goosebumps”

August 10, 2021

“I’m very excited about Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing, voice technology – all of the things that as an education administrator I only dreamed of in terms of possibility and potential – and it’s here and it can work,” said Dr. Judy Rich, Amplio’s advisor and the 2021 President-Elect of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association, during the Voice Tech panel at the ASU+GSV 2021 Summit on August 9.

Dr. Rich appeared on the panel, moderated by Michael Horn of Guild Education, together with DeLonn Crosby (SkyKid), Drew Madson (Readlee), and Mark Angel (Amira Learning). 

“It can especially work for those children, students who haven’t had a voice in the past,” she added. “[Voice tech and other advanced technologies] can not only scaffold for reading, read aloud and early language, but can also help children learn language, and help children with specific skills related to the grammar systems, to vocabulary, the way that they combine words. The smart technologies that I see Amplio use give me goosebumps, because of the power for improving a child’s language system, which then leads to stronger readers. 

“In addition to that, support for the teacher comes with a just-in-time transcription of what the child is saying, breaking that down to whatever you are looking for and then helping the child with scaffold for a correct vocabulary, or scaffold for correct grammar skills, syntax, or say it in a different way, or say it correctly if you are working on speech sounds – so all of that becomes in-the-moment and allows access for children who have not had that voice before voice technology.”