Stories from the Field

Forward-looking school districts experience the power of Amplio’s smarter interventions.

The main thing is the kids are having fun and they’re learning...I love it.

Mary Sanchez An 18-year veteran of Crowley ISD and an experienced bilingual dyslexia specialist, Mary Sanchez explains why she loves Amplio’s dyslexia intervention platform with Esperanza. In addition to the kids enjoying the platform, “the time savings is big.”

We’ve dismissed students from therapy.

Melissa De Leon As the director of special education for the Orenda Charter School District in Georgetown, Texas, Melissa De Leon discusses how engaged and motivated the students are during their Amplio sessions.
“I’m so confident in your service... I really feel like the speech therapists from Amplio are a part of our team.”

The platform enhances the therapy.

J. Scott Yaruss A professor of communicative sciences and disorders at Michigan State University, J. Scott Yaruss explains why he’s a huge proponent of Amplio. Everything required to deliver speech language therapy is included within the platform, and by collecting data and measurements, the clinician can make better decisions for each student.

It allows me to pace my instruction according to the students’ needs. That’s huge.

Francis Arnesen-Rubio An itinerant interventionist with Ysleta ISD, TX, Francs Arnesen-Rubio discusses how the Amplio platform is helping her track her students’ progress. “It’s working! You’re listening to what the kids need, to what the teachers need, and it’s working.”

I can go back and see what we need to work on. The more data you have, the more accurate it is.

Rebecca Lerzundi Rebecca Lerzundi, a bilingual Spanish dyslexia specialist from Crowley ISD, TX, discusses the importance of collecting progress data for her students so that she can better serve them. “I think this could be really powerful to do intervention in Spanish with kids who are bilingual.”