Outcomes-Driven Digital Interventions

August 9, 2021

Amplio’s digital platform connects students, educators, therapists and administrators with advanced technologies to help students with special needs maximize their potential.

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Amplio equips students with individualized, high-fidelity interventions and enables educators to devote more time to direct instruction. Administrators gain a 360-degree view into student progress, resources, compliance and funding. The Amplio platform is secure and we work according to HIPAA, FERPA and COPPA requirements.

Amplio addresses both immediate and long-term challenges in education such as learning loss, time in instruction and the shortage of qualified personnel. We offer school districts a complete package, configuring the platform to each school’s needs, integrating it with daily work processes and existing systems, and providing assistance with reimbursement and staffing, when necessary.

Our solutions are developed in conjunction with parents and a world-class advisory board, professors, and school administrators with expertise in special populations. Tens of thousands of students have received services and interventions using the Amplio platform since the solution was launched in 2019.

Amplio SaaS Platform

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  • Greater rigor and intensity, correlated with accelerated progress: Through targeted, engaging interventions and increased net individual learning time, help improve student outcomes.
  • Quality assurance and oversight for special populations: Ensure your special needs students and struggling learners are receiving the instruction they need to make progress. Our data-rich dashboards help you monitor student progress, state assessments, resource management, compliance, reimbursements and more.
  • Increased productivity, fostering a better learning environment: Students benefit when educators and therapists can devote more time to direct instruction and less time on administrative tasks.
  • A turnkey, complete solution for districts and schools: Amplio configures the platform to fit each school’s needs, integrating it with existing IT systems and offering professional development and consultations on best practices.
  • Ease caseloads with Amplio ancillary staffing: Deploy Amplio’s large community of licensed therapists and educators to help fill staffing gaps and compensate for missing services.

The platform includes:

  • Fulling digitized curricula and treatment protocols
  • Engaging, adaptive learning
  • Individualized, intensive practice areas
  • Personalized stimuli and reinforcement
  • Progress monitoring and compliance oversight dashboards for administrators
  • Reports and auto-documentation
  • Streamlined scheduling and lesson planning
  • AI-based activities
  • Option for remote and hybrid instruction
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