Intensive Digital Dyslexia Intervention

Amplio facilitates individualized, outcomes-focused interventions for students with dyslexia, monitoring their progress and empowering specialists to devote more time to direct instruction.

Utilizing evidence-based dyslexia curricula in English and Spanish, Amplio offers interactive, multisensory activities for students, both in-class and online. The platform, together with the interventionist, assesses student responses in reading accuracy, comprehension and other skills. Amplio’s digital platform connects students, educators and administrators with advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence and natural language processing to help students with dyslexia maximize their potential.

Amplio incorporates the Esperanza curriculum, developed by Dr. Elsa Cárdenas-Hagan for Spanish-language dyslexia instruction, and the Multisensory Teaching Approach (MTA), developed by Margaret Taylor Smith for English-language dyslexia instruction. The entire MTA and Esperanza curricula are fully digitized.

Esperanza is the first Spanish Orton-Gillingham program in the world and has been used in three national studies. Field testing of the MTA curriculum over a four-year trend analysis study showed significant progress in reading and spelling.

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The platform provides:

  • Integrated evidence-based dyslexia curricula
  • Individualized, intensive digital guided practice and self-practice
  • Personalized stimuli and reinforcement
  • Progress monitoring and measurements
  • Reports and auto-documentation
  • Streamlined scheduling and lesson planning
  • Library of engaging interactive content
  • AI-based games and activities
  • 360° monitoring dashboards for LEAs
  • Option for remote instruction

Amplio also provides:

  • On-site and online training and professional development
  • Helpdesk for admins, interventionists, and parents
  • A dedicated school success manager for each LEA
  • Platform and curricula upgrades

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