Intensive Digital Intervention with Esperanza

May 9, 2021

Amplio’s intensive digital intervention platform with Esperanza works in tandem with bilingual dyslexia professionals to help students with dyslexia maximize their potential.

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Developed by Dr. Elsa Cárdenas-Hagan, Esperanza is the first Spanish-language Orton-Gillingham program in the world and was developed to provide a systematic, sequential and explicit approach to teaching Spanish literacy.

Using advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence and natural language processing, the Amplio platform with Esperanza equips bilingual students with individualized, high-fidelity and outcomes-focused interventions. Amplio addresses both immediate and log-term challenges in education such as learning loss and time in instruction.

Bilingual dyslexia specialists are empowered to devote direct time in instruction while gaining critical data on each student’s progress. Administrators gain a 360-degree view into student progress and programs, resources, compliance, and funding.

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  • Deliver differentiated, engaging interventions with increased net individual learning time
  • Leverage AI-powered personalized stimuli to assist in reinforcing each lesson
  • Monitor student progress and make data-driven decisions regarding each student’s progress
  • Address learning loss at an accelerated pace
  • Streamline administrative tasks like scheduling and reporting to improve productivity
  • Gain oversight into student progress, resources, and compliance with rich administrator dashboards

“Me permite seguir el ritmo de mi instrucción de acuerdo con las necesidades del estudiante. Eso es inmenso.”

“It allows me to pace my instruction according to the student’s needs. That’s huge.”
Francis Arnesen-Rubio, Itinerant Dyslexia Interventionist, Ysleta, Texas

The platform includes:

  • Integrated, fully-digitized Esperanza curricula
  • Individualized, intensive digital practice areas
  • Engaging, adaptive learning
  • Personalized stimuli and reinforcement
  • Progress monitoring and compliance oversight dashboards for administrators
  • Reports and auto-documentation
  • Streamlined scheduling and lesson planning
  • Library of engaging interactive content
  • AI-based activities
  • Option for remote and hybrid instruction
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