Council of Administrators of Special Education honors Dr. Luann Purcell

November 14, 2021

Amplio’s advisory council member honored with scholarship in her name

The Council of Administrators of Special Education (CASE) announced at its fall conference last week the initiation of the Dr. Luann Purcell Scholarship for Continuing Education, intended to encourage aspiring special education administrators to continue their pursuit of excellence in the field.

Dr. Luann Purcell, a member of Amplio’s advisory council, is a lifelong educator, advocate, and leader. During her career as a public school educator in Georgia, Dr. Purcell served as a teacher for both general and special education students, regional coordinator, and as a district administrator. After retiring from her position as assistant superintendent for student services in the Houston County School District, Dr. Purcell led national CASE as executive director for seventeen years. In that role, she consulted with and advised administrators on best practices for leadership and development of quality programs for students with disabilities. She is currently the president of Luann Purcell, LLC and consults with and is a strategic analyst for education and professional organizations.

“As CASE Executive Director, Dr. Purcell worked tirelessly to share best practices in providing supports and services for students with disabilities,” the organization said in a statement. “She inspired CASE members to network and collaborate, so that they might build strong state units. She then supported those state units at the national level through her guidance, presence, and dedication to improving outcomes for students with disabilities.”

Dr. Purcell is directly responsible for transforming the CASE organization into the leading, international, professional group that it is today. The hard work, dedication, and love that Dr. Purcell gave throughout her career set the stage for CASE to be at the forefront of every significant discussion involving the education of students with disabilities.