2021: Amplio to Recruit Dozens of New Employees

December 17, 2020

What makes Amplio a special place to work at and what sets it apart from other companies?

To learn more about this, we sat with Hilla Stein, our Human Resources Director, for a short interview. If you are searching for speech and language therapy jobs, keep reading to learn more, then fill out our application form below.

What do you think makes Amplio unique and such a great company to work for?

“Our mission is to help as many children with special education and child development needs as possible. We are an ultra-fast-growing startup company with a noble mission, in which every individual has a direct impact on our outcomes — thus able to make a difference in young kids’ lives. That is what makes our company so unique.”

When seeking out new talents and candidates, what do you think differentiates us from other companies?

“As mentioned, our startup company is now at a point in which we are growing rapidly in terms of products, customers, and employees. We plan to grow by adding dozens of employees in 2021. Yes, you read it right: currently, we are recruiting DOZENS of new employees, making our company the perfect opportunity for those looking for speech language pathology jobs. This is a fascinating moment. As a growing company, there are many growth and learning opportunities for our employees.

“We also work in a hybrid model: working from home/office. For example, employees in Israel can work remotely up to 4 days a week and arrive at the office once a week. This way of work started as a result of social distancing during COVID-19, and will continue after the pandemic is over. For those in need of maximum flexibility in an SLP job, our hybrid model is the perfect solution. This working model has already enabled us to hire employees in wider regions than before.”

What characteristics or traits do you look for in candidates for positions? Do you have a role model for the perfect employee, or does this change according to positions?

“This is one of the aspects of an expanding startup: We look for smart individuals, who are interested in being and doing something meaningful and making an impact; people who would like to take ownership; who are pushers by nature, passionate about technology and would like to take part in helping young kids fulfill their potential.”

To learn more about the open positions at Amplio and apply for one of our speech-language therapist jobs, check out this link.

To get a sense of what it’s like working with us, watch this short video, made by Amplio’s employees.